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Translation initiative looks to the future

Kalima, the translation initiative of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (Adach), has published the Arabic version of The Next Fifty Years: Science in the First Half of the Twenty-first Century, edited by John Brockman which contains the unpublished work of 25 leading scientists and thinkers.

Experts read between the lines while translating Arabic to English

Many people have heard the adage "lost in translation" — when a word or phrase makes sense in one language, but the sense is lost when translated into another language.

Translation from Arabic to English and vice versa, is anything but easy. To start with, the Arabic language has more than twice as many words as English and a different grammatical structure.

This isn't the only obstacle to translation though, as experienced translator Denys Johnson-Davies told Gulf News recently: "It's not about translating words, it's about translating a whole culture."